A few years ago, here on HolaSoyYo.com, I published a post on the 4 stages that I went through to choose my FFS procedures. Today FACIALTEAM published a blog post I wrote for them on the same topic! Each article supplements the other, so please check both of them out.

Two Articles, Related Content; Hope it Helps

Usually I don’t get to talk about FFS with other transgender people. Gender affirming surgeries and FFS in particular are such touchy subjects. I avoid the topic unless someone is interested in having or has had FFS. When I open up about my surgery, I often get asked how I chose my FFS procedures. Since I only get to do that in person every so often, I decided to write about my process. It’s with great honour to me that FACIALTEAM published my writing on their blog.

Though the FACIALTEAM and HolaSoyYo.com articles are quite similar, since both talk about my experience, they compliment each other. When reading both posts it becomes clear that deciding on my FFS procedures was a mental challenge.

My FFS procedures – First quote from FACIALTEAM quote

I love the topic because at first appears daunting and impossible, but it’s not. I’ve done it as well as any other person that has had FFS. I also recognize that not everyone would do things the way I did. But I do hope if someone is thinking of FFS and finds deciding difficult, that they can see that it is possible.

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