3 thoughts on “Now

  1. That is a to-the-point post, one sentence! I just happens to speak directly to something on the mind – am I two, or one? Honestly, I think always both, and actually maybe all people are, or should be. It sounds trite, but we have to be loving carers to the younger person we grew up as – a friend, a lover also. Every day I “do it” now – I wake up, and immediately tell myself that “everything is fine.”

    At the same time, I get it also, that we need to integrate – that it’s necessary to bring out of the shadows, the pieces within that fit only with difficulty, or with strife. Slowly it happens. Slowly all of me can be Jo, and feel secure in the world, like I have a place in it. Thank you Franches.

    1. Wow, Jo! This was meant to be thought-provoking but I’m gladly surprised by your comment. It seems to me that your interpretation of my post helped you see things clearer(?).

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