How many times have you seen a TV advert that has truly left you wondering? Probably not too many, and me neither. Though Toyota has done that for me at least in a couple of occasions. Lately with the advert “Beautiful Movement”.

Beautiful Movement Dialogue

The following is the transcript of the narration. Of special interest to me is the very last sentence, which is the slogan of the whole campaign:

Just for a moment.
With all the moving we do, maybe we’ve forgotten how joyous, movement can be.
Movement belongs to all of us.
And no matter who you are, or where you’re from, we can help you get to wherever you need to go.
And before you know it, you’re on a great journey moving from who you are to who you will become.
Start your impossible.

At the end of the ad there’s a scene of some girls frozen in time taking a ballet class. The camera then reveals a 16 year old ballerina, Pollyanna Hope, dancing en pointe with her prosthetic leg.

Pollyanna Hope en pointe
Pollyanna Hope en pointe, in the “Beautiful Movement” TV advert

A Trans Perspective [Start Your Impossible]

Where it talks about how movement belongs to all of us I can think of how many trans individuals don’t feel comfortable moving out and about in public. Then, it says that no matter who you are or where you’re from, they can help you get to wherever you need to go. To me where people need to go is a place where we all feel safe regardless.

Another different interpretation I have is about moving forward. How important it is to all to have a sense of progress opposite to feeling stuck. Back in February of 2018 I wrote about that need to move forward.

From the ad this hits hard: “… you’re on a great journey moving from who you are to who you will become”. That shouts “transition” to me. Getting to who you will become sounds like an impossible target.

Then, the slogan of the campaign, which is what really caught my full attention, drives it home: Start Your Impossible. Just a few years ago, the idea of living a life where people would assume I’m a cisgender woman was my impossible. The command from Toyota’s slogan, Start Your Impossible, is a call to arms for anyone afraid of their impossible.

Of course I’m referring to the impossibility of changing my gender expression and presentation. Truth is that it applies to anything that we want to achieve, and more so if it appears beyond one’s self.

So, as Toyota says, Start Your Impossible [now]! Naturally, Toyota would want you to do it in one of their vehicles or products, but in my opinion that is not a requirement.


You can watch the “Beautiful Movement” TV advert, narrated by the same Pollyanna Hope.

Toyota (GB) published a press release on 1st. February, 2022, introducing the TV advert and Pollyanna’s story, which is absolutely incredible.

P.S. I posted a similar article in Spanish but because the dialogue is so different in that other language, my Spanish post has a slightly different approach, though the same overall spirit.

?? Versión complementaria en español.

One thought on “Beautiful Movement

  1. Oh that is beautiful, and touching, Franches. It doesn’t hurt that I adore the multi-camera stop-motion photography, which lends a magical feeling to any scene. I profoundly agree too – just starting, makes the impossible just a bit more possible. I always say, “just nibble”. And yet, I don’t believe in my own transition. The further along I get, the less I believe the result will be good. And yet … I keep edging further, nibbling away. Just a little further. So your post gives me inspiration. And also a recognition that the result doesn’t have to be perfect – like the ballerina with the prosthetic – she won’t be exactly the same as others, but she will be more than enough.

    I’m also inspired by your other Toyota line. “Stop Dreaming. Start Driving.” It humbles me endlessly 🙂 Thank you

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