¡Hola, soy yo!

Hi, it’s me, Franches!
Phonetically I pronounce my name like this: ˈfrantʃɛs

So, why “hola soy yo” in Spanish and then everything else is all in English? The simple answer is that there is a much larger audience that can understand English than Spanish.
¿Bueno, porqué “hola soy yo” está en español y todo lo demás está en inglés? Simplemente tomé la decisión porque hay mucho más gente que pueda leer en inglés que en español.

Two of the words that I like to describe myself are pragmatic and empirical. As much as I like theory and logic, once it gets real, then I really love it. And what could be better than having first hand experience; empiric?

If I was to use a label to best describe my gender expression it might be gender non-conforming. Depending on who you ask or who you read gender non-conforming can mean slightly different things. I could apply  that label because I’ve lived most of my life presenting as guy and just in the past few years I first experimented and then switched to presenting as female. I’ve been “full time” presenting as a girl since April 2016.

I like to understand things. If I don’t understand something, often I don’t like it. To understand things I deconstruct them and analyze them. That’s how I learn. Going through what I call my gender experiment, or my process, I’ve tried to understand it; though I don’t think I ever will. A nice side effect is that it has given me the chance to deconstruct and analyze a bunch of my experiences, my perspectives, and my feelings. I truly believe that these experiences that I’ve gathered in the last few years have made me, if not a better person, certainly a much more mature, experienced, knowledgeable, and empathic individual.

Learning from others’ experiences is invaluable to me. Simply put, when I learn from someone else’s experiences, I learn a bit more about myself. Also, when I share my experiences and perspectives with others, I too learn a bit more about myself. It’s a little like re-living those experiences, reinforcing what I had already analyzed, or seeing things I missed about me the first time around.

For all these things I’ve made this website. I made it to share my experiences and points of view, to have new experiences, to learn from others. Ultimately to learn more about me.

Sticking to the Prime Directive

I try to follow the basics of Star Trek’s Prime Directive, and not interfere with other people’s personal development by imposing my own. I do share what I have done and often explain my thoughts and reasons, but I don’t expect anyone to follow in my footsteps.  In fact, I’ve always found somewhat arrogant and annoying when people tell others what they “need to do”.  As you read through my posts I hope that get a picture of what’s in my head. My objective is never to thrust my ways onto anyone, but I do hope that my readers see a perspective that they can learn from.

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P.S. In my very first blog post I talk a little bit more about me and my original vision for HolaSoyYo.com.