I’m very proud to share with you that my first guest column post has been published on the FACIALTEAM’s blog! Check it out here.  It’s about the 3 major criteria I used to determine where to go for my gender affirming surgeries.

The Project

My FACIALTEAM silver pendant
My FACIALTEAM silver pendant

The overall idea of this project was to have the perspective of a previous patient presented and written by the patient themselves. The way I’m writing the “Hello, it’s Me” guest column for FACIALTEAM’s blog is similar to the way I write here on my own blog. I write about my own experience; it’s about sharing what I’ve done and why rather than preaching about how people should do things.

The plan is to publish a series of articles about some of the many aspects I had to deal with when I decided to have Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS). Do check out FACIALTEAM’s blog on a regular basis and look for my posts. If you’re new to my website here are my posts that touch on surgery.

Both FACIALTEAM and I hope that by sharing my experiences some people will find it insightful. Maybe it can help someone with their own decision process, regardless where and when they choose to have surgery.

I want to thank everyone at FACIALTEAM for allowing me the opportunity to share with their audience.

P.S. Fun fact, their brand is FACIALTEAM, one word all in capitals.

P.P.S. The header image is at High Care Hospital’s gardens in Marbella taken from FACIALTEAM’s offices looking north at the actual hospital facility.

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