My term of the year for 2019 is… (drum roll, please…) “Anterior Pelvic Rotation”!


During a ballet class, one day early in the year, the teacher brought up the term and though I had been paying a lot of attention years before, that day it all made sense.

After that ballet class, my pelvic fixations, interests and practice finally had a descriptive name; a term I could use.

Two thousand nineteen: my year of “Anterior Pelvic Rotation”, which is yet another of dozens of little details I love to obsess over.

6 thoughts on “Anterior Pelvic Rotation

  1. That is so weird. I was just learning about pelvic tilt last week!!! I was reading through a forum when I saw the post. I love the pic, btw. Nice buns hun! 😜

    1. We´re totally in synch!! Haha!

      For some women it’s an orthopaedic issue and for me it’s an obsession. But with mindfulness it can be maintained. Anterior pelvic rotation or tilt as it’s more commonly known, makes an impactful difference in our posture.

      1. It’s all about the kower back ‘arch’, and keeping it at a comfortable place while you do everything. It will also allow your tummy to look flatter!

        1. It is a ton of work for “keeping it at a comfortable place while you do everything”!

    1. Try it one day. Stand in front of the mirror and tilt the crest of your pelvis forward from its natural position. As Holly said before, it will make your stomach flatter and will push you bum out and up. It’s one of those small-big skeletal differences between adult girls and boys.

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