When I open up I get completely different reactions. I really enjoy paying attention to these varying responses because they carry a lot of meaning and almost generate opposite energies.

Opening Up

Most women say something like

Female Sign “Oh, wow! <with a short pause> Congratulations! <another short pause> Now you’ll understand…”

I take that as a “welcome to the club”. After such an exchange with women, then the conversation goes to the next topic and everything is fine.

Then there are men that say something like

Male Sign“What?? But why would you go through something as hard as this??”

And that’s it; they get stuck in the “why would you…?”

The Break Down

If I go into over analysis, it’s as if women see me doing a side-step into their camp, from the same level. On the other hand men see me doing a down-step out of the camp and they get stuck trying to figure out why in the world would anyone do that.

The way I see it?

Wow! Not easy to put it in a few words. I kinda see it as stepping out of either camp and going around in circles seeing the bigger picture from many different directions or angles. As they say, seeing the forest rather than seeing the trees. For me, it is certainly a very dramatic and positive up-step. Not only did I experience the so called “male privilege” but now I experience “flower power”. And in a few cases, I do get to experience the rare and elusive concept of “Trans Privilege”.

One thought on “Women Say & Men Say

  1. I completely agree. Adding that many seem interested in surgery all of sudden, particularly men.

    Ladies on the otherhand have been the most welcoming people, with all sorts of advice and fabulous compliments.

    This is not news to them merly for me as I’m new to womanhood.

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