Today, April 1st. 2020 I commemorate 4 years since I went full time with my current gender expression!

Nope, this is no April Fool’s Day joke. It’s for real… well, mostly.

I’m working on an upcoming post on HDY Go Full Time with way more detail than this little PSA, but I didn’t want this day to pass without acknowledging it.

It Had to Happen

Indeed it was a Friday on that April 1st. back in 2016.  I had been on HRT for precisely 5 months prior to that, everyone at work already knew about my imminent switch in gender expression and presentation, and I had been building up a wardrobe and makeup collection for some time. Still, it was a pivotal day for me, which I had been planning for a few days prior, and it was scary. But it was scary good; it was exhilarating!

Though I consider April 1st. my first day full time, it wasn’t actually. After that day I did get to go to work presenting as a guy, but I think it was just a couple of times and then that was it.

A Plan Without a Plan

Around those days my brain was super hyper. It was so exciting of what I was doing and seeing no negative consequences, allowed me to speed up my own process.  For example, I was first planning to present as a girl at work just a few days in a row and then go back to presenting as a dude, to ease myself into something that was not a routine at the time. As soon as I sat down to write my thoughts on those ‘trial’ days, I realized I could continue, and that’s how I went full time. It was adjusting my fears after seeing that everything was in fact fine.

Just 4 Years

Hmm… Four years. It feels like it’s been way more than that, but still, it’s just four years. I still miss the incredible excitement of those days and how fast thing were changing. It was truly magical and as curious as I was to experience what was to come, little did I know how it was going to develop. And now, in 2020, gee, I did it and I’m still doing and I’m still learning and I’m very much looking forward to what’s to come.

4 thoughts on “Today is 4 Years Full Time!

    1. Thanks J. TBH, I don’t celebrate these milestones, but I do commemorate them. On one side it feels like it’s been a super long time, but on the other, sometimes it feels as if it was yesterday. At any rate, thank you for the congratulations.

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