After posting the Practice Makes Perfect – Duh! article and getting a couple of comments I thought I’d add that all the things I’ve done to change the way I act and present myself were never work. What I mean was that they were fun to do. For some reason the word work to me has an uphill connotation like involving a lot of effort and labour.

Work vs. Learning

Of course all my behavioural changes have meant a lot of work but in the context of repeating actions, deeds or feats. What I’m trying to say is that I never saw the enormity of what I was embarking into. At first it was pure entertainment, like practicing makeup and photography. The main purpose back then was having fun, trying to get better and better at how I looked. In hindsight I can appreciate why it appears as a monumental undertaking!

Once I decided to move forward and started HRT there was some change in the way I pressured myself to improve. There was more responsibility, if you will, to practice and get better. And still with the added responsibility I kept practicing and improving for my own enjoyment; for my own goal of unequivocally be perceived as female.

When I took an 8 week voice coaching programme I knew it would require lots and lots of practice. I did push myself to practice the required exercises every day. Though it was a lot of work, or rather repetition, just few times felt like it was a drag or a chore. From everything that I’ve done to modify my behaviours, speech has been the longest and hardest.

After all it wasn’t work. I see it as a whole lot of learning and self improvement through practice, practice and more practice.


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