Really, I don’t need the wardrobe I wear now, I didn’t need to have FFS, I didn’t need a BA… I don’t even need to be on HRT. But gee, does it ever make a difference!!

Progesterone Capsules

I didn’t need any of these things to be happy. I was already happy. Having said this, the experiences have been mind-boggling and for some reason doing all this shit has allowed me a license to do all sorts of other things that otherwise I would have never done. From that point of view, I guess all this was and has been more than welcomed. After all I could not have left unanswered the question of what it would be like.

In essence all this shit has made me happier.

No, I don’t need any of this shit, but I am oh so glad I did what I did and looking forward to what I’ll do.

P.S. The header image is a Progesterone Capsules’ blister pack. Certainly I don’t need that shit but I choose to use it.

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