News Flash: I’m super proud to announce that FACIALTEAM just published another of my articles! Yay! This feature talks about how I used multiple surgeons’ websites while researching for my own FFS in 2016. It is the second of my write-ups in the series on ‘How I Used The Internet For Surgery Research‘. This new post gets into the details of what I was looking for from the doctors’ websites and how I was reading in between the lines. The previous article in the series is about my basic online research objectives and approach.

I hope that with this second piece in this series, anyone doing research for their own FFS, can see the different surgeons’ websites with a bit of a cynical eye. In my personal experience, paying attention to all sorts of  details, I got a lot of valuable information that I then used to draw my own conclusions. Probably my interpretations were not 100% accurate, but they did affect my views about the different surgeons’ or surgical centres’ that I checked out online.

If you or anyone you know is researching options of where to go for surgery, please take a look at my blog on FACIALTEAM’s blog.  It doesn’t suggests or promotes going with one surgeon/surgical centre or another, but rather deconstructs some of the aspects I paid attention and why they were important to me.

I have more posts here on on gender affirming surgeries, my experiences, and my thoughts.

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