Someone on social media posted a question that was something to the effect of: “What advice would you give me when choosing between FFS surgeons?” In some replies people suggested the poster to choose specific surgeons for her surgery. I then reread the original question, which specifically said “what advice would you give me…” not “which surgeon should I go to…” and wrote the following.

My Reply Verbatim

My first advise would be to speak with the surgeons, regardless of the surgeon, and ask as many questions as they come to mind. Write down your questions as they pop in your head. If you’re about your day and think of a question, write it down at that moment. I often send myself emails to put down my questions.

When you speak with the surgeons, take notes if not during the meeting/call/Skype, right after so you don’t forget. Pay attention to how you feel about their suggestions and if they make sense to you or if they feel like a sales pitch. Think if you could approach or deal with that person in the case of a revision; do you trust the person. If you want to stretch it, also pay attention on how they conduct their business. If their staff are rude or hard to get a hold on, it may be harder if you need any special attention during or after the process.

Look at their results, but keep in mind that they will mostly post their best results. When looking at the results, try to read between the lines. Often before and after photos don’t have a time reference, making it difficult to evaluate the long term results.

Look at their aesthetics. Some surgeons have local influences. You may notice that Beverly Hills surgeons produce slightly different results from European surgeons, and from, say Asian surgeons, and see if those aesthetics align with your expectations and desires.

Take your time and review your notes from the meetings a few days and weeks later. I noted that my first impressions changed a bit after I thought over the conversations for a few days.

I find the the topic of surgeries super interesting.  I like to see the many facets ranging from surgical techniques, how the human body works and reacts and heals (in its essence a surgery is a controlled trauma), the personalities of the surgeons, the support staff and infrastructure around surgeries, and of special interest to me, is how we, the patients, process such a complex decision.

My reply to the original question was a short one. I could go deeper into why each of my comments, but I’ll leave that either for another post, or if you want, we can get together and discuss them over a glass or two of Grenache.

As a reference, my reply and my comments above came from my own experience when I went through the decision process to choose a surgeon(s) for my FFS, and then later for my BA. In October of 2016 I had my FFS with FACIALTEAM. Then in November of 2017 in one surgery I had a FACIALTEAM revision plus my BA and lipo transfers with Dr. Kai Kaye from Ocean Clinic.

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