My second blog post on FACIALTEAM’s blog has been published!  This time I go in depth on how I decided to choose FACIALTEAM in Marbella for my surgery.  TBH, I like this second post better than the first one. This second blog tells a story and is more linear, making it easier to read and digest. I talk about my meetings with local plastic surgeons as well as my Skype consultations with FFS surgeons and why there was no comparison between the two groups. I close the blog post by listing what I learnt after deciding where to have surgery.

The way I went through my process I first determined where to have surgery.  Once I had figured that out, then I decided what procedures would be done. I recognize that many other people go the other way around. They first figure out what to have done and then look for a surgeon to do it. That way of going about it is as valid as the way I did it. To be honest, I didn’t even consider that other approach, mainly because I had no clue what features made my face masculine.

Apart from the post on FACIALTEAM’s blog I had already written a couple of articles that are complimentary. In the first I discuss my decision on getting FFS and the next one is on deciding where to get FFS.

P.S. The header image is a photo taken at High Care Hospital in Marbella, where I had FFS. The 3 windows that have blinds closed are the 2 operating theatres of the hospital. Fun fact: the surgeons operate with natural light (apart from their surgical overhead lights) overlooking the gardens.